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417 Horner Avenue
Alderwood, ON, M8W 4W3

Torvan Medical is a manufacturer of Medical, Pathology, and Laboratory work spaces.

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Fatigue Mats

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports musculoskeletal disorder injuries (MSDs) as the nation's number one work place health problem. Countless studies on ergonomics have documented the skeletal trauma incurred from standing for long periods of time (static loading) which can lead to debilitating skeletal conditions, reduced focus, lower moral and decreased productivity. As evidenced in these studies, MSDs resulting from prolonged standing in the work place present not only a significant challenge to our health system in economic terms (worker's compensation claims total in the billions annually), but also place a significant burden upon the safety and health of the individual worker in the healthcare environment.

Torvan Medical supports products designed for safety, comfort and efficiency which result in a more focused surgical team and contribute to better patient outcomes during surgical procedures. All of our products are designed in conjunction with world-class clinicians and technicians who understand the importance of "the optimal surgical suite;" which not only focuses on the patient, but also centers on the most ergonomically designed environment for those performing surgery.