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417 Horner Avenue
Alderwood, ON, M8W 4W3

Torvan Medical is a manufacturer of Medical, Pathology, and Laboratory work spaces.

Grossing Stations


Grossing Station.JPG
Grossing Station.JPG



Our grossing workstation has been designed to be an all-encompassing unit that can exceed the requirements for any grossing procedure. Through the use of a linear actuator, the table height can be adjusted 500 mm to accommodate both sitting and standing positions by the push of a button. The pull out work drawer allows for easy access to tools and the vacant leg space creates a comfortable work environment. Each unit includes a sink and tap station. Waste is properly disposed of through a vented garbage canister and a 1 hp heavy duty self-cleaning garbage disposal unit.

Information at your fingertips: the optional Integrated PC provides a touch screen interface for easy use and the integrated barcode scanner permits easy data transfer. Camera and microphone mounts, connected to a flexible neck, allow for simple recording of tasks and memos. Communication Ethernet ports create an easy connection to your network. All electronic devices are encased in stainless steel to prevent water damage and to maintain sterility.

The Torvan Medical sensor package can also be selected as an option to continuously monitor the performance of your station. Remote Diagnostics is also available if the client should request it.


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Adjustable Shelves                             Engraved Ruler                                                

Dissection Board                                 UV Lighting                            

Flexible Plexi-Shield                            Wire Baskets (various sizes)

Hands-free Tap Activation               Writing Platform

Hooks                                                      Sensor Packages                               

Magnetic Strips                                    IT and Electrical Outlets                            

Magnifying Task Light                       Task and Overhead Lighting

Paper Towel Dispensers                    Rinse Baskets                      



  • The table height changes with a push of a button for both sitting and standing needs
  • LED overhead lighting as well as a LED task light, attached to a flexible neck, allow for a bright and evenly lit workspace
  • Vented garbage canisters and a quick, efficient, and self-cleaning 1hp heavy duty garbage disposal unit (garburator)
  • The optional Integrated PC includes a touch screen interface, bar code scanner, Ethernet ports, and a camera and microphone mount
  • Numerous accessories available that integrate into the best workstation possible to meet all of your grossing needs


LED overhead lighting is available with 30° (narrow) or 100° (wide) angle symmetric optics depending on your needs. Thermally managed to maximize longevity, the lifespan of our overhead lights can reach up to 100,000 hours. LED task lighting is a must-have for jobs that require a little more detail. Attached to a flexible neck, this light will reach to all areas of the grossing station.

Water and waste management

A common need for grossing procedures is proper waste disposal. Our units offer vented garbage canisters and garbage disposal units (garburators). You’ll be able to quickly and efficiently eliminate waste with this 1HP heavy duty, self-cleaning, environmentally sound disposal system. Each unit includes a sink and tap station with optional hands-free activation to help prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria. Additional management devices include an optional formaldehyde station, work surface spray down, and exhaust duct to prevent the spread of gasses and odors.

Information Technology

Information at your fingertips: the integrated Tangent Vita KX provides a touch screen interface for easy use. Integrated barcode scanner permits easy data transfer while a movable arm ensures functionality from any area of the workstation. Camera and microphone mounts connected to a flexible neck allow for simple recording of tasks and memos. Built-in ethernet ports create easy connection to any network. Stainless steel casing for all electronic devices prevents water damage and maintains sterility to ensure all devices last to meet your needs.

Technical Features and Specifications:

  • Minimum Counter Height                                              810 mm
  • Adjustable Height                                                           500 mm
  • Table Lift Capacity                                                          480 kg
  • Total Width                                                                       Built to customer specification
  • Sink Dimensions                                                              Built to customer specification
  • Airflow                                                                               Building capacity limited
  • Material                                                                             304 / 316 stainless steel
  • Garbage Disposal                                                            1 hp Induction Motor 1725 RPM
  • LED Light System                                                             33.6 W