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417 Horner Avenue
Alderwood, ON, M8W 4W3

Torvan Medical is a manufacturer of Medical, Pathology, and Laboratory work spaces.

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Processing Stations

SPD, MDRD, sinks, height adjustable, fixed height, re-processing, processing, disinfection.

Processing Stations

Fixed height or Height-adjustable stations improve work environment. 

Proper posture and ergonomics are important to help maintain the health and welfare of today's workers. Time off and disability claims due to improper working conditions are costly and inconvenient. Therefore, Torvan has developed a line of height-adjustable processing stations that allow each technician - cleaning endoscopes and medical devices - to set the station at the proper height so they are able to stand properly. This eliminates bending and stooping, which is a major cause of back and shoulder strain. Also, we add little things like a beveled leading edge on the sink so there are no pinch points on the technician's forearms.

Available in a variety of different configurations - Single, Double, or Triple Bowl - all reprocessing stations are available in standard or custom sizes.

Options included:

  1. Automated Fill Level 
  2. Automated Overflow Protection
  3. Custom Faucet Options
  4. Flushing Pumps for enzymatic injection and rinse of endoscopes and medical devices
  5. Hands-Free Options
  6. Integrated Instrument and Endoscope Tracking
  7. Pressure Controls
  8. Water Temperature