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417 Horner Avenue
Alderwood, ON, M8W 4W3

Torvan Medical is a manufacturer of Medical, Pathology, and Laboratory work spaces.

Tables & Workspaces


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Anti-Vibration Table.JPG



Torvan anti-vibration workstations are high-quality, ergonomic workstations with a modular system of accessories, making them ideal for use in imaging applications. The unique design allows the user to strategically place shelves and other accessories around an imaging system so that supporting equipment can be in close proximity to the isolated surface without being on it. The passive anti-vibration frame has an integrated Foot Master base that act as passive isolators and allow for manual course leveling of the desktop. Fine passive levelers at a workspace guarantee an even area for imaging applications. Our custom sized table is guaranteed to fit any workplace and the variety of optional features available create a unique and efficient workspace for any task.

Our anti-vibration tables include a number of features allowing for easy, safe, and comfortable use. The active-air frame option allows the tabletop to rest inside the frame’s outer rails, protecting it from incidental contact and the effects of vibrations within the lab.

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- Stationary Shelves                                                 - Sliding Shelves

- Monitor Mounts                                                     - Articulated Arm Rest

- Storage Drawers                                                     - Casters

- Task Light                                                                 - Keyboard Tray

- Integrated IT and PC                                              - Vertical Articulation




  • User friendly vertical adjustment controls (optional) powered by electric actuator systems enables the user to feel the immediate changes without straying from their task

  • Latest anti-vibration technology offering the best vertical isolation on the market

  • The optional integrated PC includes a touch screen interface, barcode scanner, Ethernet ports, and a camera and microphone mount

  • Frame made from premium 304 / 316 stainless steel or powered coated steel

  • Customizable accessories for ease of use and a more efficient work space


  • Table Height                                                      745 mm – 1385 mm
  • Table Size                                                          Custom
  • Anti-vibration Table Size                                 Custom
  • Table Lift Capacity                                            >240 kg
  • Vibration Table Capacity                                  100 kg
  • Self-Centering                                                    Yes
  • Number of Isolators                                          4
  • Re-leveling Accuracy                                         0.025” (0.6 mm)
  • Vertical Isolation, Res                                        3.2 Hz
  • Vertical Isolation, 10Hz                                     90 %
  • Horizontal Isolation, Res                                   3.6 Hz
  • Isolation, Horizontal 10Hz                                96 %
  • Amplification at Resonance, Vert.                   12 dB
  • Amplification at Resonance, Horz.                  10 dB